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We hope that you find this site useful in answering the questions you have about how to work with Intransa on physical security projects.

It's our people, and the experience and knowledge we offer in physical security, that makes the difference for our customers and partners.

Intransa Thinks Differently

Intransa offers reliable, scalable and affordable infrastructure platforms - servers, storage and appliances - that have been optimized specifically for the unique demands of physical security, whether for video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other related applications.

If you have been offering IP-based physical security products for a while, you already know that commodity servers and storage are designed for IT, and not for security deployments. While offering open platform software that run on generic hardware is important, you likely already know that when the project really matters IT centric thinking can have very negative results for the customer, installer and you.

Instead at Intransa, we do it a smarter way. Like many IT manufacturers, we start with the best, off-the-shelf server and storage hardware - including the same CPU, memory, disk drives, and components from world class manufacturers, often with sub-assembly in the same facilities - we are entirely physical security centric as a manufacturer. That means that we design our systems from the start for physical security, and not for general purpose applications like word processing, email, databases and presentations.

With our extensive physical security R&D efforts, our Development Engineers expertly build, tune and optimize server, storage and appliance hardware to get the best results for customers, including simplified installation and ongoing operation. And our experienced System Engineers and Design Consultants support our dealers and integrators to ensure the best possible configurations for physical security deployments.

As part of all of that security-centric effort, we continue to manage and fund the Intransa Technology Labs. Hundreds of physical security software applications and hardware products have been tested and jointly certified with their manufacturers through this program. And dozens of software applications have received advanced certification, and are available loaded on disk, ready for installation & initialization (requires activation key) without requiring Internet access or cumbersome CDs/DVDs onsite.

If you are a manufacturer in the physical security industry, and wish to provide the best, most dependable and reliable solutions to your customers, we encourage you to participate in our unique testing and certification program. You'll also gain access to a diverse ecosystem of certified physical security dealers and integrators who offer Intransa products, and available from leading security distributors across the North America and around the world.
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