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Today's manufacturing has changed, and security technology ranging from video surveillance for supply chain monitoring through to access control and video analytics are growing increasingly common.

Popular just-in-time delivery practices, limited inspections, tight margins and complex, global supply chains are the order of the day for many of the world's top manufacturers. Thus, it isn't surprising that manufacturing, process control, safety monitoring, supply chain and quality control are now increasingly viewing video surveillance and video analytics as mandatory components to get the job done. Indeed, this is one area where economic analysts, financial experts, government inspectors, corporate security and IT are in agreement with shareholders and customers.

With a properly designed video surveillance, video analytics or access control platform, customers are able to control access and monitor the manufacturing process, live or in recorded action from end to end, slashing many traditional requirements. Manufacturing experts are able to monitor the manufacturing and flow process, watching for activities that can be simplified, enhanced and improved. Recalls and product issues can be retraced through review of batch manufacturing from days, weeks or even months before, limiting liability and potential impact.

And with this kind of surveillance, video analytics, or access control solution, safety, theft, inventory shrinkage, inappropriate access, unattended objects, and suspicious behavior can be quickly identified and tracked, useful for forensics or as-it-happens. And standard perimeter, access control, and physical security systems can be leverages to use the same video surveillance infrastructure and management systems.

IntransaBrand™ VideoAppliance™ is an ideal, affordable, and reliable platform that supports the widest selection of video management system, access control, and video analytics choices in the industry.

Deploy one or multiple appliances, or choose the IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ and EnterpriseStorage™ families for the largest and most complex security projects, without the complexity and risk of commodity servers and storage that are not security aware.

That difference is very apparent when a problem occurs and manufacturing is down because the hardware vendor doesn't understand the challenges of video surveillance and other security applications, just the basic hardware on which the applications are deployed.

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Today's video and data must be retained for increasing numbers of days, weeks, and months of retention, as well as for further processing for many supply chain and manufacturing needs. As a result, we are seeing more IntransaBrand™ platforms chosen with a wide range of video management and video analytics system software.

Customers include manufacturers ranging from pharmaceuticals, jewelry, eye wear, food and beverage, clothing, heavy consumer goods, and individual manufacturing facilities.

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