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We hope that you find this site useful in answering the questions you have about offering, deploying and supporting physical security projects, and our products and services to you help accomplish that.

It's our people, and the experience and knowledge we offer in physical security, that makes the difference for our customers and partners.

Physical Security Designed Products & Services

Intransa designs and builds award-winning servers, storage and appliances that are 100% focused on the needs of physical security. So while we use the same CPUs, memory, disk drives and components as other manufacturers, instead of building general purpose systems designed for email, word processing, spreadsheets and databases, we build entirely for security needs.

The result is a reliable, proven and affordable platform lineup that is easier to install and to keep operating at peak performance, without the integration and support challenges of commodity hardware.
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Intransa Sales Partners

Intransa reaches customers of our award-winning server and storage infrastructure platforms exclusively through our certified integrators and dealers.

As a result, we provide world class online training and education programs, and provide the tools you need to be successful in representing dynamic Intransa products.
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Intransa Academy Brings the Online Training & Hands-on Labs for Your Sales Success

The Intransa Academy delivers advanced, web-based training to our integrators and dealers. To be authorized to sell Intransa products, and get the best discounts from our authorized distributors, the Academy offers detailed Sales training that you need... and as part of our investment in you, itrs free!

We also offer comprehensive, hands on technical lab training for partner system engineers, installers, Consultants, and other customer-facing resources
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Intransa Offers the Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Certified Physical Security Applications & IP Cameras

When you are seeking video management systems, video analytics, access control or other physical security software for your project, chances are very good that your choice is already tested and certified for use with Intransa servers, storage and appliances. That's because most industry leading products, as well as successful up-and-coming choices, are tested with our platforms.

More than three dozen physical security applications have already been jointly tested by their manufacturers and the Intransa Technology Labs for deployment on our servers, storage and appliances.

Hundreds of software products and IP standard, megapixel and HD surveillance cameras have achieved certification, with new ones being added frequently as they complete testing. That means we find many bugs and problems that can lead to installation and operational challenges well in advance of the equipment arriving at your site. No other physical security manufacturer does more to ensure reliability and successful integration with such a wide range of choices.
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You'll find downloadable data sheets, technical specifications, white papers, and other print documents all in one place... the Intransa Resource Center.

And you'll also find how to locate an authorized distributor, videos, press releases, industry articles, event calendars and much more.
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