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Hospitals and medical centers, and other health care agencies, in the age of reduced budgets, aging populations, HIPAA, terrorism, and pandemics are relying on the advanced technologies of video surveillance, video analytics, and access control more than ever before.

Protecting patients, visitors, and staff has always been a key part of the day-to-day routine of teaching academies and institutions, medical centers, and hospitals. And medical educational institutions face even more challenges, with students and teaching staff adding more to the mix in terms of concerns and complexity, as has the tasks of managing and safe keeping an enormous amount of supplies, equipment, pharmaceuticals, and medical supplies. Throughout all of these issues, hospitals and medical centers have continued to rise to successfully meet those diverse requirements, whether in a single building or covering an extensive campus network of facilities.

Recently, on top of all of those concerns, new legislation like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), have added further challenges to be addressed and managed protecting the confidentiality of patient medical data, ranging from medical records to digital imagery of those records. In recent years, physical security demands have also been increasing in planning for natural disasters, the threat of pandemics, and health emergency response, with hospitals and medical centers now joining first responders on the first line of those responses.

IntransaBrand™ Product Family Solutions

Moving to digital technology, for video surveillance, medical imaging, document imaging and management, access control, and video analytics has been a lifeline for many hospitals and medical centers to meet these new realities. As a result, a large number have become customers, deploying IntransaBrand™ product solutions in a wide range of environments, and resulting in both better day-to-day operations and improved preparedness for coming challenges.

Based on future-proof, digital IP technology, IntransaBrand™ VideoAppliance™ platforms are widely deployed in this critical market sector, and are continuing to grow along with our customers. Each of these award-winning, customer proven, and simple to install and operate server/storage appliances are ideal for low cost, individual or multi-location projects in the health care sector.

And when large campus projects or multi-site efforts require even more capabilities, the IntransaBrand EnterpriseServer™ and EnterpriseStorage™ families are often the popular, proven choice. With IT-grade, enterprise technology, each server and storage platform has been further optimized and tuned for individual, distributed or cloud deployments to move health care practitioners into the future, affordably and reliably.

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Today's video and data must be retained for increasing numbers of days, weeks and months to years of retention, for HIPAA and other legislation, as well as for further processing. As a result, we are seeing more IntransaBrand™ platforms chosen with a wide range of video management, access control and video analytics system software.

Customers include individual doctor's offices, hospitals and clinics, medical centers, entire health care systems, Veteran's Administration facilities, teaching hospitals, and insurance providers.

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