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Intransa Appliance, Server & Storage Infrastructure Products

Intransa offers reliable, scalable and affordable infrastructure platforms - servers, storage and appliances - that have been optimized specifically for the unique demands of physical security, whether for video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other related applications.

Our solutions include our all-in-one Server/Storage appliances in the Intransa VideoAppliance™ family that are simple to install and operate. All are pre-tested & certified with the widest range of physical security applications in the industry.
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And we offer the advanced Intransa EnterpriseServer™ platform family for the most scalable and demanding project needs, available with the same wide range of certified physical security applications as the Intransa VideoAppliance™.
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We complete our infrastructure offering with expertly tuned and optimized Intransa EnterpriseStorage™. Customers deploy our proven storage platforms for tuned and optimized recording and data storage capacity that integrates with our other product families.
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The Intransa Difference

Intransa manufactures our physical security servers, storage and appliances from the same components as leading IT commodity server and storage vendors. Our disk drives, memory, CPUs and components are from the same original equipment manufacturers, and often sub-assembled in the same production facilities. But unlike those platforms, we aren't designed for general purpose applications like word processing, email and spreadsheets. Instead, our R&D efforts led by experienced Development Engineers are focused on designing, building, optimizing and tuning our hardware into physical security optimized platforms.

And our experienced System Engineers and Design Consultants support our dealers and integrators to ensure the best possible configurations for physical security deployments. The results of all this effort is physical security designed and optimized hardware, which delivers optimum results for our customers.

Intransa Expert Services & Support

Peace of mind is included with every Intransa system. All Intransa platforms include Standard Warranty and Support, with 3 years of comprehensive system hardware and software coverage. Also included is GroundCrew™ phone-home, which monitors the health of fans, drives, power supplies and other system components, and notifies our warranty department to dispatch replacement parts in the event of a failure. Customers also have the choice of two optional upgrades, Advanced and Premium Support each adding the CoPilot™ Video Network Troubleshooting Service and other feature enhancements.
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Too busy to regularly monitor your security system's health, but need maximum availability? Upgrade to the Intransa Pilot™ Live Monitoring Services Program. We'll remotely monitor your Intransa server, storage/appliance and storage platform status for alerts and conditions that need attention before they become problems.
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Intransa Offers the Most Comprehensive Portfolio of Certified Physical Security Applications & IP Cameras

When you are seeking video management systems, video analytics, access control or other physical security software for your project, chances are very good that your choice is already tested and certified for use with Intransa servers, storage and appliances. That's because most industry leading products, as well as successful up-and-coming choices, are tested with our platforms.

More than three dozen physical security applications have already been jointly tested by their manufacturers and the Intransa Technology Labs for deployment on our servers, storage and appliances. Hundreds of software products and IP standard, megapixel and HD surveillance cameras have achieved certification, with new ones being added frequently as they complete testing. That means we find many bugs and problems that can lead to installation and operational challenges well in advance of the equipment arriving at your site. No other physical security manufacturer does more to ensure reliability and successful integration with such a wide range of choices.
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