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Students are our future, as every educator and parent knows. The education sector faces many challenges, whether public or private, and is relying more and more on physical security technologies to overcome them efficiently and cost effectively.

Student, faculty and staff safety are growing in importance in today's world for public and private schools, educational institutions, colleges and school boards.

Campus and facility surveillance monitoring, alerting systems, threat identification, theft prevention and crime deterrence are all just a growing part of getting the job done for educational facilities.

School districts and institutions alike face these new challenges, and budgets don't always keep up when security departments are being asked to more with less.

Higher education institutions like colleges and universities also face the increased compliance challenges of the Cleary Act on top of their primary purpose of teaching, educating, and research.

Education Benefits

IntransaBrand™ platforms are often the answer selected to meet all of these needs. New IP deployments bring lower costs, more capabilities and future expansion with all-in-one server/storage appliances from the IntransaBrand™ VideoAppliance™ product family.

Campus wide deployments are often ideally suited for IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ and EnterpriseStorage™ systems, regardless of size and complexity.

Entire school boards or multi-campus institutions can benefit from leveraging this award winning cloud technology to further reduce local costs while deploying advanced, affordable solutions.

Existing and new deployments can both leverage standard and megapixel cameras with increased video recording capacity and better image quality, benefiting video analytics and adding support for IP-based access control devices and software.

The result is more affordable, more flexible and more reliable physical security, without having to rely on expensive and complex commodity servers and storage, or ripping out existing infrastructure. And for new construction, even more affordable and scalable complete IP solutions can make the difference in meeting budgetary and services challenges simultaneously.

Learn About Other Education Customers

Today's video and data must be retained for increasing numbers of days, weeks, and months of retention, as well as for further processing for many schools and educational facilities. As a result, we are seeing more IntransaBrand™ platforms chosen with a wide range of video management, access control, and video analytics software.

Customers include individual K-12 private or public schools, school districts, school boards, plus colleges, universities, and academies. A few examples can be found to the right.

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