IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™

We don't think that getting a modular, expandable, and best-in-class video surveillance, access control, video analytics, or other physical security system up and running should be difficult, time consuming, or expensive. And we believe that it should be easy to keep operating at peak efficiency, too.

That's why we build the award-winning IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ family, designed to be the server component in a modular solution integrated with IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseStorage™ or other standalone storage system. Proven in deployments around the world in a wide range of demanding customer projects, IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ is all about three words... Flexible, Powerful, and Reliable.

Like the very best commodity IT servers and storage systems, IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ features Intel® server technology and CPUs, enterprise-grade disks from the industry's major storage drive manufacturers, server grade components, and provides standard Microsoft Windows application environments.

But instead of designing IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseServer™ to be a good all-around performer for a wide range of IT needs like word processing, spread sheets, email, presentations, and databases, we instead build them for one specific thing: to be the best possible, most reliable platforms for video surveillance, video analytics, access control, and other physical security applications.

As part of that unmatched design effort, we deliver installer-ready servers that are tuned and optimized specifically for demands of physical security with Microsoft Server 2008, built and tuned specifically for video surveillance and other physical security needs.

Of course, we also provide security-oriented interfaces and tools to ensure security practitioners can understand and keep our platforms running efficiently without the need for learning complicated IT terminology and retraining.

With hundreds of products tested and dozens of software choices available, your selected VMS can be pre-loaded on disk, ready for initialization (requires activation key for VMS license from manufacturer). So when you are configuring multiple systems in advance, or are onsite without Internet access, it's still not a problem. You've already eliminated many potential issues and don't even need to deal with cumbersome CDs/DVDs from the VMS vendor.

SE45 Video Optimized Application Server

1U rack mount enterprise servers, optimized as Video Management System (VMS) application platforms. Available with a VMS application ready for initialization. Fault resilient configuration. Ready for integration with IntransaBrand™ EnterpriseStorage™ or other storage system for a complete video optimized server-storage infrastructure system.

Leverage the Physical Security Industry's Widest Range of Applications

Eliminate integration issues from multiple vendors of physical security software and IP devices while delivering optimized configurations, resulting in trouble free installation and non-stop operation.

Hundreds of standard IP, HD, & megapixel cameras plus VMS, access control, video analytics, utilities, and other security application choices have been tested and deployed.

Dozens of the most popular application choices are available as a pre-load on disk, ready for installation (initialization requires vendor activation key sold separately).

Determining System Requirements

Use the IntransaBrand™ camera specification collection and video workload sizing web portal to obtain a specific system configuration. It's fast and easy to use, and will walk you through your project requirements to tailor a platform that meets your specific project needs.

Use the web portal

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