Security Products Magazine Names Intransa GroundCrew Phone Home Notification Service as New Product of the Year

Cupertino, CA and Philadelphia, PA — September 12, 2012

Intransa, the physical security infrastructure and services company, has been named Security Product Magazine's 2012 New Product of the Year for Accessories/Surveillance at the ASIS International conference here at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The winning entry, Intransa's GroundCrew phone-home notification service, is part of the company's recently expanded portfolio of cloud-based services for the administration and support of video network infrastructure. GroundCrew is included in all of Intransa video-optimized appliances, servers and storage, and uses the Internet to notify the company of failed components such as fans, drives and power supplies. Parts are then dispatched at no additional charge, allowing rapid replacement.

All of Intransa's platforms are based off of fault resilient configurations and components and can typically be replaced without experiencing any service outage. As a result, Intransa customers are able to focus more on the administration and operation of their surveillance system and worry less about maintenance issues that may arise.

“We've always believed that taking advantage of cloud services is the first step in managing, monitoring and servicing surveillance issues from other locations,” said Jeff Whitney, vice president of marketing, Intransa. “And, we're extremely pleased that this type of technology, through Intransa GroundCrew, has been recognized for its ability to address this growing need. It is part of the reason we are able to make our predictable performance guarantee, since services such as GroundCrew are built in, we know our video-optimized platforms will meet customer operational requirements, now and in the future.”

Security Product's New Product of the Year Award honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered to be particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security.

In addition to being honored at ASIS International 2012 in Philadelphia, winners will also be featured on Security Products' website,, and will be highlighted in the December 2012 issue of Security Products magazine.

Intransa will be showcasing its cloud-based video network administration services for security integrators and users - including GroundCrew - here at ASIS through the end of the day today, booth 3257.

About Intransa

Intransa, Inc. delivers video optimized products and services for the Video Network Administrator. Based on the concept of providing dependable, universal access to physical security applications such as video surveillance, Intransa delivers server, storage and appliance platforms and a wide range of industry leading services. Our ground-breaking technology lowers cost and eliminates the complexity and ongoing support challenges of integrating commodity servers and storage, while slashing energy consumption and increasing reliability. Customers also leverage our expertise, learned through the installation and support of thousands of our platforms in demanding physical security projects.

Intransa has been named a 2012 Government Security Awards winner, a 2011 Homeland Security Award recipient, New Product of the Year winner at ASIS International in 2009 and 2011, a Security Industry Association 2010 New Product Showcase winner, and a Top 30 Technology Innovation of 2009 among many other security and IT industry awards.

Our customers deploy our video optimized platforms across retail, banking, public safety and law enforcement, gaming, hospitality, corrections, financial services, entertainment venues, transportation, hospitals and medical centers, managed service providers, manufacturing andsupply chain, Native American organizations, colleges, universities and school districts, public and private utilities, and a variety of municipal, county, state and federal government users.

For more information about Intransa infrastructure platforms and services, or to locate an authorized distributor or certified integrator or dealer around the world, please visit us at or You may also follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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