3VR Video Intelligence Management Platform Offered On Intransa Video-Optimized Server, Storage and Appliance Platforms

Cupertino, CA and San Francisco, CA — September 6, 2012

Intransa, the physical security infrastructure and services company, today announced that 3VR's comprehensive open Video Management Software (VMS) is SELECT certified and available as an option on Intransa's server, storage and appliance platforms.

With the ability to forensically search video with the click of a mouse, 3VR's VMS manages evidence on a centralized interface, views up to 32 channels of video per monitor, easily integrates data, provides a comprehensive range of analytics and allows customers to receive real-time alerts and reports as well as capture, index, catalog and search faces and license plates. comprehensive range of analytics, allowing customers to capture, index, catalog and search faces, license plates, and receive real-time alerts and reports. comprehensive range of analytics, allowing customers to capture, index, catalog and search faces, license plates, and receive real-time alerts and reports.

“Today's partnership enhances the ability for customers of Intransa's award-winning server and storage platforms to optimize their infrastructure investments,” said Joe Boissy, chief marketing officer, 3VR. “We look forward to helping Intransa customers reduce fraud and shrinkage, meet tough federal compliance requirements for reporting fraud and obtain valuable business intelligence.”

3VR's SELECT certified VMS efficiently manages large amounts of video across the entire enterprise. The open architecture allows partners to quickly and easily integrate video surveillance systems with alarm panel, central station, staffing, merchandising, POS, access control and other business systems.

“We're always striving to provide customers with the latest in intelligent software built into our platforms,” said Jeff Whitney, VP marketing, Intransa. “Certifying 3VR's VMS technology as an option on Intransa's platforms not only helps to identify performance and integration challenges in advance of installation at a customer site but provides a solution that is efficient while enhancing security and customer service.”

Intransa's video-optimized VideoAppliance, EnterpriseServer and EnterpriseStorage platforms are designed to eliminate the challenges of untested commodity servers and storage designed for IT. Each is built for the 24x7x365 world of video surveillance and other demanding physical security project requirements and integrates with the company's portfolio of cloud-based support and management services.

Intransa's platforms include Standard Warranty and Support with 3 years of comprehensive system hardware and software coverage. Support includes GroundCrew™ phone-home, which monitors the health of fans, drives, power supplies and other system components, and notifies our warranty department to dispatch replacement parts free of charge in the event of a failure. Customers can choose from two optional upgrades - Advanced or Premium Support. Both include CoPilot™ Video Network Troubleshooting Service and other feature enhancements. Intransa Pilot™ Live Monitoring is a separate service available for busy customers who choose to have Intransa Customer Support monitor their video system health, 24x7x365.

Intransa will be showcasing its customer support systems at ASIS, September 10-13, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA, booth 3257. To schedule an appointment at the event with Inransa executives please call 1.408.678.8600 or email .

About Intransa

Intransa, Inc. delivers video optimized products and services for the Video Network Administrator. Based on the concept of providing dependable, universal access to physical security applications such as video surveillance, Intransa delivers server, storage and appliance platforms and a wide range of industry leading services. Our ground-breaking technology lowers cost and eliminates the complexity and ongoing support challenges of integrating commodity servers and storage, while slashing energy consumption and increasing reliability. Customers also leverage our expertise, learned through the installation and support of thousands of our platforms in demanding physical security projects.

Intransa has been named a 2012 Government Security Awards winner, a 2011 Homeland Security Award recipient, New Product of the Year winner at ASIS International in 2009 and 2011, a Security Industry Association 2010 New Product Showcase winner, and a Top 30 Technology Innovation of 2009 among many other security and IT industry awards.

Our customers deploy our video optimized platforms across retail, banking, public safety and law enforcement, gaming, hospitality, corrections, financial services, entertainment venues, transportation, hospitals and medical centers, managed service providers, manufacturing andsupply chain, Native American organizations, colleges, universities and school districts, public and private utilities, and a variety of municipal, county, state and federal government users.

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